Speech Therapy Auckland

Speech Therapy Auckland

We help children and young people improve their ability to communicate

Speech Therapy Auckland

Speech Therapy Auckland

We support the communication needs of our clients and believe that everyone is capable of making progress with our services.

Personalised Plan

We take the time to work closely with you to understand and identify your Speech Language Therapy needs.


We pride ourselves on providing high quality, individualised Speech Language Therapy.

The Extra Mile

Standard Speech Language Therapy is not always enough. We provide Social Groups for different age ranges and needs, Teletherapy (Online Speech Language Therapy), and Professional and Parent Workshops

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a professional Speech and Language Therapy team in the Auckland area providing assessments, intervention and personalised therapy, then we would love to help. We are an small professional team which takes the time to listen.

Passion & Commitment

We are passionate about what we do to support the communication needs of others and believe that everyone is capable of making progress.

Holistic approach

We employ an holistic approach working with the client, family and any other professionals involved (For example; early childhood workers, teachers, teacher aides, Ministry of Education therapists, Psychologists and other health professionals).

Dedicated Team

We are a team of 3 New Zealand trained fully qualified professional Speech Language Therapy practitioners. 

Our extensive range of services are available for children and adolescents in the Auckland area in our clinic room, at your home, school or preschool or online

Social Groups

We offer “Chit-Chat4all” groups for those wanting to develop their social skills and make friends with other individuals. We run a couple of different groups for different age ranges and needs

Teletherapy / Online Speech Language Therapy

Just like in our face-to-face sessions we use a range of interactive tools to keep your child engaged and ensure that we have high quality sessions. This works well for families that want to reduce time and cost travelling to and from appointments. 

How we have helped

I approached Samantha at Speech4all because our son Ollie needed some help with improving the clarity of his speech and his pronunciation of words. Samantha really helped Ollie by meeting with him for half an hour sessions once a week (in blocks) and by working on different exercises, using games and providing a little homework pleasing results were achieved. Many people commented on how much more they could understand him and his writing at school and reading age improved quite considerably over a short space of time. Ollie really loved Samantha's visits and would definitely rank them as one of the highlights of his week. They got along very well and I really appreciated the fact she came to us, as a busy family of five that certainly made my life easier.
Our daughter has high needs, particularly verbal communication. Sam started working with her one-on-one in 2013, as we were struggling with continuity of therapists in the public system. In that time they have built a strong relationship, and our daughter's confidence in exploring speech and sounds has grown exponentially. Sam is so patient, yet firm, and uses a great array of games and exercises that are so engaging. We are delighted with the results and will happily continue therapy with Sam (and Speech4all) through our daughter's schooling.
Supervision with Samantha has been extremely beneficial to my development as a clinician. Samantha is approachable and always available for open discussions about difficult case studies and provides valuable insight to support my learning. Sam has also been there to provide a third party perspective and another point of view for working within team dynamics and other difficulties that as a new graduate I have not had experience in. I find Sam an open and knowledgeable supervisor and I am grateful for all the support she has given me over the last year